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We’re one of the UK’s leading Sharepoint partners

Core is our digital workplace solution for Sharepoint & Office 365

It’s easy to use and makes work more efficient

Implementing Core instead of developing an intranet from scratch means you don’t start out with a blank page. Whether it’s collaborating with colleagues, staying in the loop with what is happening or updating your calendar – Core streamlines all these tasks into one place.

We work with some great people

"Core is developed on a modular architecture; it customises and implements components on top of SharePoint. It doesn’t change anything in SharePoint itself, but instead, utilises the power of SharePoint. This architecture enables problem-free updates and a solid product overall."

Check out our work with Folksam

With nearly 4000 employees, Folksam wanted to improve their internal communications and working practices. We delivered a cloud-based, user friendly intranet that is intuitive and easy to use, with a great design aesthetic.

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