5 minutes with... Ella Fitzsimmons

By Hilary Stephenson | 18/04/2018

Ella Fitzsimmons

Please could you sum up what your Camp Digital talk is about?

My talk contains multitudes. (It doesn’t, really.) It’s called “Tech, polyphony and power.” I’ll be talking about how time's up for tech’s hero narratives and how the rest of us can reclaim some of that power through everyday workplace activism.

Why is it an important topic and what can audience members expect?

How we talk about what we do, who speaks (and who is heard) influences and shapes what we build.

Ooof. That sounds tediously sincere. (It’s true though.)

Anyway! Come for my highly subjective analysis about why stories matter in tech and practical tips for making those stories more inclusive. Stay for the deeply heartfelt discussion about why The Last Jedi is the BEST Star Wars film.

What is exciting you the most about the digital and tech industry right now?

Honestly? I’m from the generation that had analogue childhoods and digital adulthoods; the speed of change still excites me. Seeing tech and humanities move closer to each other? Also strong. Less philosophically, VR and haptics make me feel like a giggly child in front of an illusionist. 

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m doing some freelance strategy and writing for a couple of tech for good organisations and for a fintech company, making some films for a renewable energy company and have some exciting work lined up with one of the organisations that won the Nobel Peace Prize last year. Tinkering on some product and startup ideas with some friends too. I'll go back in-house somewhere eventually, though; working with agile teams is the part of my job I enjoy the most.

What are you most looking forward to at Camp Digital?

Dr. Sue Black and Katy Arnold’s talks look great. Socially? Catching up with the good people of Co-op Digital. I commuted from London to Manchester for the better part of a year; seeing that lot and hearing more about what they're working on is going to be ace.

For more information about the conference or to book tickets go to: http://www.wearesigma.com/campdigital/2018/