A round up of Camp Digital 2015

By Simon Wissink | 26/05/2015

Thanks to everyone who took part in Camp Digital on 23rd April at MOSI. It was a really great day and the feedback received on the day, on Twitter and since has been really positive, particularly the reviews of the talks by our truly excellent speakers. I also wanted to thank our sponsors and exhibitors, who really got behind the event and of course our lovely team at Sigma. We plan, organise and deliver Camp Digital ourselves, which requires a lot of hard work alongside our day jobs.

As well as the very positive comments, feedback has also been constructive, where people felt certain aspects of the venue, programme or the content of some talks didn’t quite work for them. We like to think of Camp Digital as a community event, so rest assured, we will take your suggestions on board and we will come back next year with an even better event - after all it will be our 5th year of running Camp Digital so we already have some special things planned for the event and the after party.

Camp Digital Website Screenshot

We have also been looking at the growing Manchester event scene and attending related European digital and UX conferences, to keep Camp Digital fresh, informative and accessible. Our sponsors played a big part in funding this year's event, allowing us to make the pricing affordable and we plan to keep it that way so it continues to attract a healthy mix of freelance talent, peers, customers, colleagues and students. If you've got any ideas, suggested themes or great speakers you'd like to see in Manchester next year, then please do get in touch. Inclusion was a big theme at this year’s Camp Digital, so we are very keen to get your input for future events. We’d also be delighted to hear from you if there was anything that inspired you on the day, whether it caused a change in approach, toolset, thinking or even job!

If you didn't make the event, you didn't get to see everything or you loved something so much that you'd like to see it again, the presentations and videos are now live on the speaker pages of our Camp Digital mini site, along with an archive of the previous years. Please share and continue to let us know what you think.

Thanks again and see you next year (if not before…)