Adding Capacity & Capability to our Team

By Steve Tomkins | 20/09/2017

From time to time, to meet the demands of our clients, we need to supplement some of our existing team with additional resources to meet project deadlines, add additional skills or extend our clients’ in-house teams. Recruiting and hiring new permanent team members in such situations is just not practical, adding contractors sourced from the open market is another option but anyone who has tried this will appreciate the significant risk this brings.

Adding development capability is particularly difficult, with such a huge range of technologies, platforms and tools widely used across both web and application development projects. We are lucky to be part of a large 3,500 strong group, this has allowed us to quickly put together strong development and support teams drawing on experience elsewhere in the group to deliver significant programmes and services to large global clients.

Cutting the ribbon in the Poland office

Being Part of Something Bigger

I was recently invited to attend the formal opening of our new office in Wroclaw, Poland. Under Maciej Reutt’s excellent leadership and with the support of the group strategic sales team, they’ve already started work on three large accounts, providing highly skilled software engineers across a wide range of technologies including web, mobile and full stack client-server application development. Wroclaw know how to put on a party (I still haven’t quite recovered from the Polish vodka…) and it was great to be there to see first-hand the work they are doing already and discuss their future growth plans. They are expanding quickly and actively recruiting from a very strong and highly skilled local IT community.

Sigma ITC Poland presents a great opportunity for the group to expand; for the UK, it gives us further strength in our development capability and means we can offer an alternative cost effective delivery model to our clients. I was immediately impressed by how they had already established a strong base from which to expand, a great working environment and a clear vision on what they can offer Sigma’s clients. We are really looking forward to working with them and are exploring a couple of immediate opportunities. The team have great interpersonal skills, fluent English and are already working alongside resources in Sweden and the USA to supplement existing project teams in Agile delivery projects.

Another benefit of being part of a wider family is our ability to host colleagues from other parts of the group, either those collaborating on our projects or those on secondment to the UK company from another Sigma brand. We have done this successfully before and it’s a really great way to connect with other parts of Sigma’s business, experience different cultural approaches to projects and feel part of a bigger client delivery. This month, we welcome Niklas Velander to the UK from our Bool team. Bool by Sigma specialises in building user-friendly digital workplace solutions based on the SharePoint and Office 365 suite of products. Niklas will join the UK for the next year to help our UK clients with their SharePoint strategy:

Having worked at Bool since 2008, it’s a great opportunity to work alongside Sigma UK and provide digital workplace solutions based on the SharePoint platform. Looking forward to meeting you all and please get in touch if you have any enquires about Office 365, SharePoint or the digital workplace.

We are also delighted to welcome Adrienn Pénzes, a technical writer who joins us for the next 12 months from our Sigma Technology division. Sigma Technology provide product information and embedded software design and development services to major global brands, from their offices in Sweden, and across the world. 

Adrienn joins us in Cambridge from our Budapest office: 

I have worked as a technical writer since 2010. In the past few years I mainly supported Ericsson projects. Now, I'll be working remotely for Sigma Technology Hungary as a technical writer on a product information project. It is a completely new area in Ericsson to me but I look forward to the challenge and it’s great I can do this while being part of the Sigma UK team.

Adrienn Penzes

Our associates network

As well as being able to draw from the skills and capacity across Sigma, we have built a strong relationships with a number of brilliant associates across multiple disciplines who we have recognised as having the right skills but just as importantly, the right attitude to complement our permanent team. Being able to quickly slot into Sigma projects is the key to success and we now have a good group of associates that we use to add both depth and breadth.

Fritz von Runte

Being a Sigma Associate allows me to participate in important and exciting projects without giving up on my personal life. There's no paperwork, I know my diary in advance and I am more productive." - Fritz von Runte, Senior UX and Service Designer

Our associates have made a real difference on a number of fixed price projects as well as working directly with clients in both full time and more flexible models. We can take the pain out of adding capacity to your teams without you having to resort to the contract market and we can deliver with a far greater degree of flexibility. We have Accessibility Consultants, Business Analysts, Agile Project Managers, UX Designers, UX Researchers, Trainers and Content Strategists to name just a few.

All of this allows us to adapt to client needs and changes in the market. Being part of something bigger gives us access to skills, technology and cultural experience that we wouldn’t otherwise have, and our clients benefit. If you would like to know more about how we can build teams to deliver your projects and services, please get in touch at or call 01625 427718.