Camp Digital talk: Designing for the Gap

By Clare Reucroft | 11/03/2016

We caught up with one of this year’s Camp Digital speakers, Barry Briggs, about what to expect from his session, why he thinks agencies need to move beyond the fixed-price model, and his advice for User Experience (UX) professionals.

Barry is a senior UX architect at the BBC with over 15 years’ experience working in the web industry. He has worked in agencies, client-side and in-house on successful global projects with some of the best teams in the North-West. He’s a usability obsessive, one of the Northern User Experience (NUX) team, a chronic perfectionist, and a would-be evil scientist.

In-between all this, he spends far too much time in his quest for the perfect quiff.

Barry Briggs

Senior UX Architect at the BBC

Barry Briggs

What is your session/presentation about?

How iterative and collaborative design, systems thinking and an IA mind-set can help your projects.

What are the key takeaway points from your presentation?

1. Work with domain experts to ensure you uncover everything
2. Document systems iteratively to make best use of everyone’s time
3. Think about what happens in-between the pages or screens you’re designing…

In your opinion, what has been the biggest industry change in the last year?

As our systems become more and more complex, elements of service design and systems thinking are becoming much more important. UX people are finally starting to look beyond what happens on a given web page or app screen, and give attention to what happens around the edges of the things they design. This kind of thinking is vital in order for digital products or services to scale appropriately.

What is the next big thing in UX/digital in 2016?

Aspects of Lean and Agile will finally work their way into the mainstream, and give rise to an accepted, practical and workable set of methodologies for design-led projects (not just development-led ones).
The client-agency model will evolve to incorporate this, and successful agencies will be the ones who are able to move beyond the fixed-price design-and-build model. 

What’s your best piece of advice for UX professionals?

Remember that no one person knows everything. Research, design, build, measuring and validation should all be collaborative exercises. So, get to know your stakeholders and your audience, and get the benefit from their expertise and experiences of your product or service.

What are you looking forward to the most about Camp Digital?

As someone that also runs a large UX conference in the city, it’s great to have another event of this calibre in Manchester. The variety of speakers and topics at Camp Digital is always refreshing, and the event covers many areas of our discipline, with a number of takeaways for everyone.

If you would like to see Barry’s talk head over to the Camp Digital website to buy your tickets.