Meet Patrik, who'd like to say “hello world!”

By Simon Wissink | 20/11/2013

Mobile Enterprise Manager

Hi to the readers of the WeAreSigma blog,

I’m new to Sigma UK but have been at Sigma Sweden for over 8 years. I met my UK colleagues earlier this year and loved their passion about UX and delivering projects that offer great customer and user experience. The rapid visual prototyping and requirements capture phase was completely new to me and as a strong believer in agile I loved this. So much so, I took my family and moved to the UK, just to be a part of this. It felt like the natural evolvement for a former fundamental believer in iterative and incremental requirement analysis and agile approaches.

After almost 20 years in the IT sector my passion is about creating great sites and apps. I have worked with web development since 1994 and mobile apps from early 2000. During my career this industry moved from waterfall, RUP into Agile. Ten years back I found a great solution called agile and fell in love with it. Iterative and incremental methods really helped me and I became an agile evangelist.

Along the way I made a lot of mistakes and if you’d like to learn from my journey with agile implementations I have written a free e-book “Agile leadership – A book about the human factors of software development.“ ( It’s not a big blockbuster but it gets around 100 downloads a month and triggers the odd mail from time to time.

Besides my agile focus I am passionate about mobile solutions. My last job in Sigma Sweden was as Enterprise Mobility Manager (where I worked with developing our offerings and delivering capacity in mobile strategy, consulting and development). I am convinced that our digital life will only become more and more mobile. This changes the whole industry and this week I found Burberry’s movie about their social story and mobile first focus; it’s a movie that really inspires me -

At Sigma we focus on user and customer experience and love to build mobile solutions, but what we are really passionate about is developing mobile companies and reaching mobile users.


Patrik Malmquist -  a man who wants to put your business on the move!