The Wellcome Genome years and new horizons for the Sigma Cambridge office

By Hilary Stephenson | 31/01/2020

After three brilliant years in the BioData Innovation Centre (BIC) on the Wellcome Genome Campus, we are moving our Sigma office to central Cambridge at the start of February.

Sigma has had an amazing time on campus, where we have made some lasting friendships. We've enjoyed exciting design opportunities with Sanger, EBI and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. We were also proud to assist with the facilitation of their first #BioDataHack in 2018, where we were able to take a human centred approach to problem-framing and solution design. 

Francis Rowland presenting at the BioData hack

We have covered more of our work and said a few words of thanks to the BIC community on the following slideshow, which captures the highlights from our time there:

Our next move 

We will be taking residence in a newly refurbished space on East Road from 1st February. Although our work in the health and life sciences sector has grown substantially in recent years, we do have some city centre clients we're working a little more closely with now.

Also, as other parts of the global Sigma group expand their operations in the UK market, this gives us an opportunity to focus on those collaborations. We're looking forward to working in other sectors of value, inviting colleagues to work with us and nurturing some of the partnerships they're exploring in Cambridge.

New year, new start

So, here's to new beginnings. We're so pleased to be coming to the heart of Cambridge. Do come and say hello to us at any upcoming Cambridge networking events, where we will be out and about, talking about user centered approaches for inclusive product and service design.