Why we sponsored Talk UX

By Hilary Stephenson | 24/08/2015


We were asked recently if Sigma would like to speak at or sponsor Talk UX, a great new conference organised by the excellent team behind Ladies that UX and the first UK conference to include an all-female speaker line-up.

I won’t lie; this led to a few raised eyebrows in the office, not just because of the concept itself but the fact it comes about a month ahead of our own industry conference, Camp Digital. However, at Sigma, we’re pretty much translucent when it comes to giving our opinion, sharing ideas, publishing presentations, partnering with complementary organisations etc. So, we looked at the event, debated the pros and cons of positive discrimination and safe platforms for unheard voices for all of about 3 minutes and decided to get involved!

Selfishly, any event that broadens the scope and changes the attitudes of our industry can only be good for us, our employees and our customers. As an organisation that places user behaviour, context and motivation at the heart of our research, we’d be pretty limited if the UX talent in our industry was unbalanced or dominated by one half of the very population we seek to understand and serve. It seems perfectly logical to us that promoting the involvement of women in our industry in all roles, and crucially, at all levels, is the most obvious route to getting a broad range of life experience into user research, engagement and design approaches.

Above all, we’re really proud to support such a great line-up. We’re also delighted to have a speaker from the Sigma team on the programme, Becky Topps, and we look forward to bringing the female contingent of Sigma along for a great day out.

Talk UX will be held on the 5th of March at Manchester town hall and is open to all. If you would like to be part of this exciting event, you can grab your ticket here.